Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comfort, as I know it

The interpretation of 'comfort food' varies by person and before I immerse into an extollation of 'aloo, dim sheddo bhaat' (that most divine of all Bengali comfort foods) let me stop and talk about an unpretentious Seattle eatery and the comfort that it brings to my soul.
Seven Star Pepper was discovered by my husband some years ago while casually looking through yelp. We wanted spicy Chinese and this seemed like a place that would satisfy the immediate craving. We walked in that afternoon and haven't stopped  walking in ever since!
First off, I could not describe most things on the menu at Seven Star because I haven't tried them at all. Primarily because I keep eating the same things every time I visit - I love them so well! So here is my run down of what I eat at Seven Star
1. Noodles with pork in hot oil
My favorite Chinese food in the city. Enough said.
Well, maybe not. ☺️ Noodles swimming in spicy ground pork and bubbling red oil that find the right taste buds to tingle when consumed. There then, 'nuf said.

2. Chicken hot pot

A unique creation of bone-in chicken with chillies. While the overwhelming presence of chillies could rock a faint heart, I assure you that the chicken is utterly delectable (and actually, not that spicy). I have a curious use of this food. I usually always get this home and next day toss-fry this with some rice. It makes a phenomenal fried rice.
3. Cumin Lamb

The cumin lamb here is as good as any. Only there is more cumin and more lamb than in most places! Me ain't complaining!

4. Dry chicken with chillies
Chillies, chicken, yumminess. 

We have variously tried other things here. The bamboo shoot appetizer...not a fan. And some other things that I no longer remember. Service is strictly functional. No extra warmth, no rudeness, just Chinese efficiency at its best. Did you expect any less?

However, what's most important is that Seven star pepper never fails to put me in a happy place. And if you like spice, oil, Chinese, and some overdose of chilli, you will love seven star too!
 (Note: I ask for a higher scale of spice in everything; I am sure they can tone it down for others)

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